Smarter Incentive Management

Increases Profit Margins

All in one dashboard

All incentive contracts and programs in one, easy to use, online dashboard

Flown and Sold Data

One transparent dashboard with flown and sold revenue covered by few sources of data

Actionable Insights

Notifications with target reach, incentive updates will help profit margins

About Avian

Avian Marketplace provides a data-driven incentive management platform for airlines and travel agencies, with the mission to optimize communication, profit margins and transparency.

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Bringing transparency to airline sales

Why Avian?

Incentive plans are the key to increase profit margins and sales, but tracking and managing these contracts is a very complicated task - the un-standardization, variables, and non-accurate data sources are slowing down the process and unabling optimization of the incentive revenue. Avian is designed to be flexible and support all the upcoming changes in the industry, including the rise of NDC.

  • Real Time Information
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive Design
  • Easy Integration
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