Smarter Incentive Management

Increases Profit Margins

Automatic Contracts Scanning

An easy drag-and-drop mechanism to scan automatically PDF airline back-end contracts and convert into data

Compare real-time Flown, Sold and Marketshare

One dashboard with flown, sold and marketshare revenues covered by several data streams - in REAL TIME

AI revenue prediction algorithm

Real-time revenue prediction and smart recommendation based on data from ARC/BSP and the GDS

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About Avian

Avian Incentive Optimization Platform is an online platform for travel agencies, with the mission to optimize revenue from airline back-end an up-front incentives

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We support incentive agreements across hundreds of airlines

Bringing transparency to airline sales

Why Avian?

Incentive plans are the key to increase profit margins, but tracking and managing these contracts is a very complicated task - the un-standardization, variables, and non-accurate data sources are slowing down the process and unabling optimization of the overrides revenue. Avian is designed to be flexible and support all the upcoming changes in the industry, including the rise of NDC.

  • Automatic Agreement Scanning
  • Connecting to BSP/ARC or the GDSs
  • AI Based Revenue Prediction Algorithm
  • Recommendation and Notification System
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