DownTownTravel joins Avian network

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DownTownTravel joins Avian network – a time for digital migration of target contracts and better management

We are happy to announce that after a few successful launches in Europe, Downtown Travel joined the Avian network. Avian is now officially launched in the US.

Downtown Travel, with headquarters in New York and offices in California, Florida, Russia and Thailand, is a reputable and recognized travel booking company. For over 30 years, they have worked with travel agents across the USA. Downtown Travel is one of the largest US consolidators to Europe.

In 2018, the number of travelers grew up to 4.3 billion, according to IATA. 

Because of the increased demand and competition, airlines offer various incentive programs to travel agencies to book them. The incentive contracts grow in complexity with each year.

For travel agencies, this often means tens of unique contracts and agreements.

However, due to the volume and outdated record-keeping, there is a lag on airlines’ side – so travel agencies typically wait a long time to receive an update on their sales performance.

Since there are 12,053 retail and corporate travel agency locations only in the US (ARC, June 2019), Avian aims to establish a better, more efficient network between the distributors and airlines through its platform.

Avian’s software platform organizes digitally the contracts a travel agency has with each airline, and tracks the agency’s sales performance in real time. The platform is integrated with ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation).

Managing incentive contracts digitally provides a real-time, clean overview of existing agreements, and creates more opportunities with international airlines.

“The fact that a travel booking consolidator like Downtown Travel recognized the value in Avian means easier incentive contract management for many travel agencies across the USA,” says Mickey Haslavsky, CEO of Avian. “We are thrilled about this partnership. Our presence in the USA and the partnership with Downtown Travel take Avian one step further to connecting large distributors and airlines to manage commercial relationships digitally.”

-“We have been very happy with Mickey, Oran and the rest of the Avian team. Their relentless customer support and fantastic technology makes contract tracking simple and lets us concentrate on building sales.” 

Mr. Steven Borukhin, VP of Business Development at Downtown Travel.

More cooperative partnerships between Avian and travel parties are to be announced.  

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