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Our platform was built especially to meet the needs of travel agencies and airlines. Its sole purpose is to provide accurate, real-time, sales performance data and insights, so you can meet your incentive goals.
Avian keeps track of all your agency's incentive plans and agreements, across all airlines. Our incentive modeling engine is aware of all those trickey complexities such as flown vs. sold fare and interline pro-rating. At the same time, Avian keeps track, in real time, of all your bookings, and automtically identifies those PNRs that qualify towards incentives.
Avian's dashboard offers a instant visibility into how far you are toward meeting each airline's goals, along with comparisons to past performance and predictions. You can clearly see how likely you are to reach each incentive goal, how much it's worth to you, and whether there are alternative goals that you should be pursuing instead.
Through the Dashboard you’re able to see a breakdown of your monthly performance for the current year. Contrasting the previous from the same time period.
Avian easily connects to GDS providers, BSP, ARC and direct connections. These connections can be set up in a few minutes.
Keep your eye on the ball! We’ll send you regular updates to let you know how you are doing and what action you should be taking to meet your most important goals.