Increase Sales by up to 15%

Incentives are becoming more and more complex. The growing number of distribution channels, ancillaries, services and kinds of travel agencies, are making it very hard to track and match the incentive budgets with the strengths of each travel agency. Our AI based incentive management platform, allowing you to optimize your incentive budgets and get actionable insights on how to make each travel partner, sell more.

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How does it Work?

  • One Dashboard
  • Revenue Predictions
  • Real Time Actions
Take the complexity out of flown data

Avian makes it easy to clean and manage big data from multiple sources. Instead of wasting hours of your time grappling with endless spreadsheets and waiting for results, your data will always be ready for analysis

  • All agencies sales performance in one place
  • Monitor specific “Push Action” campaigns
  • Quickly respond to anomalies in real-time
  • Simplified dashboard containing all relevant information and configurable KPIs
  • Track incentives on ancillaries ( wi-fi, luggage, seat payments..)
Understand profitability and processes and make strategic decisions

Avian provides the ability to forecast your incentive budget ROI with every travel partner you're working with. On top of that, our AI tech abilities, allowing us to rank each of the travel agencies you're partnering with - to match exactly the performance of the agency.

  • Gain complete insight with tailorable metrics in order to maximize ROI from your incentive plans
  • You will have the functionality to keep track of high performing agencies and pinpoint those that aren’t performing
  • Identify where goals need to be changed compared to last quarter
  • Compare actual sales against projections and flown fares (Customized by a period)
  • We will provide you with regular notification to help you improve performance and set campaigns that will help you monitor specific agencies
Create real time incentive campaigns

Create real-time push action and sales targets campaigns to incentive travel agencies from all over the world, sell more of your services.

  • Create Push Action Campaigns in Real Time
  • Update sales according to performance and make the agency track in real time
  • Incentivize in tickets or other variables, not only sales
  • Through our reporting mechanism, we will ensure Agencies receive accurate and fair incentives & airlines are easily able to track performance
  • and others