Increase Revenue from Incentives in real-time

Visibility, data, notifications, real-time data, one structure for all incentive contracts = all these elements are designed to increase your travel agency profit margins by prioritizing on what's really good for you to sell

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How does it Work?

  • One dashboard
  • Plan sales with confidence
  • Data driven
All airlines in one dashboard

With a few easy clicks, we allow you to filter, explore, and mine your data for instant answers to your most important questions

  • All airline incentive plans in one place
  • Curate “push action” campaigns and manage sales targets
  • Compare real-time data against the previous year
  • Standard format for all incentive plans
  • And more
Plan sales ahead and increase margins

The Net Profit Margin KPI measures how effective your business is at generating profit on each dollar of revenue you bring in along with sales predictions that will help you to prioritize incentive plans

  • Receive Actionable insights that'll boost your sales and profit margins in real-time
  • Discover quicker methods to generate more revenue
  • Make sales predictions and prioritize incentive plans
  • Our system allows you to pinpoint specific sales targets, track performance and steer sales into an upward curve
  • And more
Use Facts, Not intuition

Financial data sources aren’t always reliable. Our platform will help you monitor every aspect of your sales compare to your incentive targets

  • Supporting connectivity with GDS, BSP and direct connection to airlines
  • Get data up to the coupon level
  • Various of metrics in real time based on your sales performance and last year performance for each of the airlines
  • Better visibility of filtered data
  • And more