Noam Ben-Haim join Avian’s Advisory Board

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Former Senior Product Manager at Google Flights, Noam Ben-Haim join Avian’s Advisory Board.

Avian is digitalizing airlines incentive contracts to establish and improve commercial relationships between airlines and travel distributors around the globe. To help us reach this mission, Noam Ben Haim joins our advisory board. 

“We are beyond happy to announce Noam Ben-Haim joined Avian as an advisor”, states Mickey Haslavsky, CEO of Avian. ”Noam has unparalleled experience in the online travel industry and fits our vision of creating a digital global network for incentive contract management between airlines and travel agencies. We expect great value to be gained from our mutual work, and are thrilled to have him on the team.”

Mr. Ben-Haim joins the team of highly acclaimed experts to support Avian in pursuing global partnerships in the travel industry and digitizing incentive contracts on a worldwide scale.

About Noam Ben-Haim

As of May 2019, Noam is the Senior Director for Marketplace at Prior to this position, he spent close to 12 years at Google, leading product teams in Google Maps and Travel. Noam led Google Flights from a technical peek preview to the largest Flight Search engine in the world. “I am proud of being part of the success of Google Flights, in making it a Travel tool that users really like”, says Noam”

Aside from assuming an active role in developing superior travel technology, Mr. Ben-Haim is a mentor and an investor. The combination of tech savviness and commercial awareness Mr. Ben-Haim brings to the table is invaluable to Avian, where he will offer guidance and informed perspective on the ways to efficiently achieve company’s goals and bring the best value to end-users.

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