Learn more about our new back-end contracts analysis technology

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We have already analyzed hundreds of airline back-end incentive agreements around the world for our clients and partners. It’s a significant number which held great innovative potential – we tracked each contract’s terms and conditions, compiled the data, and used it to create the world’s first back-end contracts scanning technology! 

Our advanced technology is informed and backed by a team of trained contract analysts. The algorithm first reads, then analyzes every and any incentive contract – identifying and matching key terms and targets, quickly and accurately. This way, not only did we speed up the scanning and analyzing processes, we simultaneously made them more accurate.

Agencies that opt for Avian to track back-end incentive contracts can do so by simply dragging and dropping their contracts into the system. No additional work is required since the whole process is automatically held by our team. 

The overall output of the new technology is time-conserving, efficient, accurate, and valuable information.

Avian in action

By developing new technologies like this, we are taking our vision one step further to digitize the airlines-agencies commercial relationships. At the same time, both airlines and travel agencies are provided with tools for managing healthy commercial relationships conveyed digitally around the globe. Digitization and commercial optimization are the pillars of what we believe will soon become a fully-digitized global network for different travel parties.

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