Plan ahead with Avian’s new Sales Prediction Engine

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We at Avian keep enhancing our offering with new features and additions, to make sure our customers are making the most out of their incentive revenue streams.

Avian’s industry-leading platform has always been the only one in the industry to offer the ability to track the performance of your incentives (overrides) and see exactly how close you are to each of your targets. These capabilities helped OTAs and TMCs working with Avian to optimize their revenue from overrides significantly (5% – 15%). We’ve made the platform even more valuable in helping you to plan and maximize the earnings that are vital to your agency’s success.

Introducing Avian’s Sales Prediction Engine.

With our exclusive Prediction Engine Technology, you are able to simulate the effect of different steering decisions on specific incentives and plan accordingly. 

The engine is available for any incentive you have at a given moment, for all incentive types,  allowing you to define growth or sales parameters, and see exactly how they translate into incentive income.

If you don’t have specific parameters in mind, you can use our default prediction, based on the rate of sales at the moment of prediction. This powerful model is built to give you control over scenarios that impact your business and earnings. 

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With our Prediction Engine, any OTA, TMC or Consolidator can see how current performance translates into incentive income, and how expected changes in sales affect that. In addition, this engine helps you plan ahead, showing you the desired sales pattern to reach your targets.  Whether your business is growing, stable or downsizing due to client wins, losses or shifting travel patterns you can get unparalleled insight and control into how these changes may impact your incentive earnings. Even when you win a new client you could see negative impacts on your incentive earnings – our Prediction Engine lets you model that to see how to plan ahead.

Have your partners offered a short term incentive for a specific market? Has an airline begun new service in a specific market that you or a client have high volume in?  Maybe one of your long term clients has acquired a new business or spun-off an entity – these are all scenarios you can begin to plan for by now seeing how they potentially impact your agreements.  Take control of these scenarios and see how they can help you to understand and negotiate the best possible terms for your agency based upon multiple scenarios.  

With Avian’s Sales Prediction Engine you can anticipate, plan, make decisions and share your insights, with just a few clicks.

For more details about this and all the other ways, Avian can help with incentives management, contact us to schedule a demo.

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